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Power supply AC110v- 220v 50HZ Weight <300g
Color White/Black/Gold/Customized Frequency Range 75Hz-20KHz
Dimensions 86*86*57mm Input Impedance 47KΩ
Output Power 15W+15w  Output Impedance 4-8Ω
Function FM Radio,Remote Control,SD Card Model NO. DL86C
Product Detail



1. our products connect all smart home APP sharing

2. visual doorbell, wifi home security, control curtains, control lighting, we customized for customers, wine LOGO, boot ads

3. all hotels, villas intelligent customization, program solutions, intelligent switch control

4. voice control switch

5. Wifi more room control program solution,

6. commercial audio solutions, retail stores, cafes!

7. our products nice, compact, perfect sound quality

8. we located in the high-quality 20-60W range of background music power

9. our own research and development of ultra-thin speaker customized for a variety of scenes, such as sofas, mirrors, shower room, kitchen, cabinets, coffee table, TV. ODM

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